Objectif Lune and Codehost Inc. Partner to Expand Printing Choices for Linux Marketplace

Montreal, Quebec and Culver City, CA - February 22, 2005 — Objectif Lune, a leader in solutions for the efficient design and high-volume printing of transactional forms and variable content documents, today announced a cooperative partnership with Codehost, Inc. to address the printing needs of the emerging Linux marketplace. Codehost is the leading provider of Linux and Unix printing solutions.

Sophisticated Unix printing has been a cumbersome chore for years, and Linux printing has also been very complex without many options. With Linux coming to the mainstream, the need for sophisticated print support in these environments is greater than ever.

Now the two companies are actively collaborating to allow Objectif Lune PlanetPress software and the BrightQ printing suite from Codehost to talk directly to each other using standard shipset features. As a result, Linux environments gain a higher level of built-in functionality and flexibility without requiring users to manage communications between the two applications or deploy special versions of the software. PlanetPress can be used to automatically generate variable content-based documents and transactional forms for output, so Linux users can easily and instantly select a document or a form template for printing, eliminating time and steps in document workflow, while increasing output versatility and consistency.

“Our vision is to support the full network environment with integrated document solutions. Linux is an area that is relatively new to the printing industry, but it should not be penalized with limited printing options,” said Objectif Lune CEO, Didier Gombert. “Our collaboration will help bring variable printing to the Linux and Unix world and give users the opportunity to more easily leverage variable printing as a business communication strategy for both the transactional and promotional world.”

“We are working together to maximize the benefits of our document solutions to best serve the ever-changing environments of our customers and the needs of our OEM partners,” said Sam Bizri, President & CEO, Codehost, Inc. “The easier we make Linux to use and demo to customers, the quicker printer vendors will be able to capitalize on this growing opportunity.”

Codehost’s BrightQ printing suite is considered the de-facto Unix and Linux printing standard for the multi-function copier segment. BrightQ has been adopted by leading printing manufacturers to better serve their Unix and Linux clients, and it has helped vendors increase unit sales and network connectivity, while dramatically reducing Unix and Linux support costs for printing. As a desktop or server solution, BrightQ Pro saves service and support staff hours of time, while giving the end-user complete access to their printer’s output options. The added value of PlanetPress automation for variable content documents and transactional forms will further increase productivity gains.

The PlanetPress suite of products from Objectif Lune enables sophisticated, conditional printing of text and graphics in an open architectural environment without modifications to host software. PlanetPress allows customers to offload heavy print stream traffic from enterprise networks and seamlessly divert it to laser printers for faster workflow. Companies achieve greater productivity from their existing processes, while gaining the ability to easily and quickly produce their critical printed business documents. Customers can dispense with costly, pre-printed forms; create high visual quality documents, automate high-volume production; simultaneously deliver electronic formats or fax; and create optimized searchable archives.

“As Linux operating systems continue to gain market share and momentum, we are working together to ensure an integrated, user-friendly printing solution,” said Mr. Bizri. “The strong compatibility and synergy between our two companies will allow us to maximize the benefit of our technological innovations to serve the evolving needs of our customers and OEM partners.”

The two companies also share strong relationships with leaders in digital printing technology, further increasing the value of the partnership. “We will be working together in the future on bringing other important solutions to the market. This partnership will allow us to increase the pace of our innovative document technologies and boost our leadership in the industry,” concluded Mr. Gombert.

For more information, visit www.objectiflune.com. For more information on Codehost’s Unix and Linux Printing products and services, please visit www.codehost.com.