Genicom printer drivers and apps now available for clients running Unix and Linux through the Codehost Print Package

Genicom has reached an agreement with Los Angeles-based Codehost Inc. to offer Linux applications and drivers for all laser, line matrix and serial printer lines. Compatibility with the Unix and Linux operating systems is now available through Codehost’s Printer Packages.

These packages include drivers, print job managers, configuration tools, and installers and other scalable applications, making Genicom printers user friendly for the rapidly growing Linux market and the established Unix users. The Codehost Printer Package provides an easy-to-use Windows-like environment that until now was not available for Linux or Unix.

According to Forrester Group, the global Linux market currently represents $15 billion and by 2004, Linux is expected to be a $75 billion industry.

Current and future Genicom clients running Linux will purchase the license and support from Codehost. Additionally, Codehost will provide customization of this package and other Linux development services for clients based on their unique needs.