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To compliment the BrightQ™ for desktops, Codehost has developed a turnkey Mobile Printing Solution for handheld PDA’s and wireless appliances. The demand for on-the-go solutions is steadily rising. Having developed a printing interface for WinCE, Palm OS and Linux, we fill this gap with a scalable and stable product. Our driver library provides an open and versatile framework so that we are able to support many printers through a variety of protocols including serial, IrDA, and 802.11x. With embedded in mind, our drivers respect the severe memory and processor constraints imposed by current PDA hardware and software. This ability to provide cross-platform support is a major advantage of the Codehost mobile printing solution.

Our mobile printing solution provides turnkey product support for most manufacturers and OEMs of industrial and consumer level printing products. Minimal customization is required.



BrightLINQ enables users of PlanetPress to print variable data forms in UNIX/Linux environments with ease.

With this unique product integration, implement forms and variable data printing in UNIX/LINUX environments with ease. Sophisticated forms can now be printed with a simple drop down menu system. Utilize high quality PostScript printers for graphically intense, documents such as invoices and statements.

Enabling UNIX/LINUX variable data
printing brings numerous advantages:
» Save time and money by simplifying
print setup and control.
» Gain full access to finishing features.
» Easily learn to create variable data
» Gain flexibility & and benefit from
compatibility in the UNIX/LINUX
» Replace expensive to run impact



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