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Codehost is a full-service embedded solution provider whose services run the gamut of our clients needs for their devices. This includes everything from OS customization and middleware development to API and custom application engineering.

Our embedded clients require high-performance, long-life, computing applications for their products. The Codehost embedded engineering division is proficient in delivering real-time solutions for unique hardware platforms.
Codehost engineered OS and application solutions provide the highest level of performance and the stability needed to meet these requirements with a low memory footprint.

With a number of embedded development teams, proficient in a variety of operating systems, chipsets, architectures and languages, we are able to quickly deploy the resources needed to deliver a solution that will save our clients time and money.



Codehost offers beginning-to-end Lifecycle Project Management, from design and engineering through QA and support. Whether it's a full desktop, wireless, or embedded application, Codehost's collaborative development platform assures the delivery of a high-quality, low-cost solution with a rapid time-to-market.

With our field-proven collaborative development process we target some of today's most successful companies for realizing the true strategic value of a custom solution or product. By helping companies maintain their competitive advantage with robust and innovative solutions, Codehost's clients can better capitalize the strategic and economic value of their investment in emerging markets.


As a service provider whose focus is on developing software solutions for OEM's, providing connectivity between operating systems and peripherals is a key component of our service offerings.

We have the technical staff and the experience to develop device drivers for a number of platforms and a multitude of devices. From the widely adopted platforms such as Unix and Windows to the rapidly growing Linux market,
Codehost can deliver solutions quickly and inexpensively.

We can build a device driver for a specific platform from the ground up, using the reference specifications provided by OEMs, or we can port from an existing platform. When important OS infrastructure work may be needed to support some devices on the Linux operating system, Codehost will work with kernel maintenance teams to provide an effective solution.


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