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Safeguard your information

Implementing security access and control measures, Smart Cards are utilized throughout government, financial, and public sector organizations as well as many others for a variety of purposes.

Codehost Login Services is an integrated Smart Card solution for Copiers, Printers and MFPs. Copiers, printers and MFPs are networked computers that have access to sensitive information on the network and the paper they process. Controlling access and tracking data and user identity on these machines should be a top priority in securing sensitive information.

- Integrated Smart Card Authentication (Works
   with existing Smart Cards and Directories)
- Automated Identification to third party   software (Accounting, Scanning, Document   Management)


The BrightQ. printing suite becomes more powerful and user-friendly with Codehost's latest release, BrightQ Pro v2.5.

BrightQ Pro, considered the de-facto UNIX and Linux printing standard for the multi-function copier market, includes a number of new features and product enhancements. BrightQ has been adopted by industry-leading printing companies.


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