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The BrightQ™ printing suite becomes more powerful and user-friendly with Codehost's latest release, BrightQ Pro v2.5. BrightQ Pro, considered the de-facto Unix and Linux printing standard for the multi-function copier market, includes a number of new features and product enhancements.

BrightQ has been adopted by industry-leading printing manufacturers in order to serve their Unix and Linux clients better. As a desktop or server solution, BrightQ Pro saves service and support staff hours of time, while the end-user has complete access to their printer's output options.


» Printer Installation Wizard
» Network Device Detection
» Monitor Device Status
» Printer Classes
» Import/Export print queues
» Enhanced data workflow
» User Customizable PJM



Brochures & Data sheets

BrightQ™ Pro User Guide

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BrightQ is currently available for the following OEMs:

OEM BQ 2.4 SE BQ 2.5 Pro
Canon USA  
Canon INTL  

BrightQ Add-ons



 Min Linux Distributions
    Mandriva 9.0
    Red Hat 9.0, Enterprise Linux 3.0
    Ubuntu 8.10
    SuSE / openSuSE 7.3
    Debian 3.0
    Slackware 10
    TurboLinux 7
    Fedora Core 1
    Fedora 7 for 64-bit
 Min UNIX Versions
    Solaris 9 - UltraSPARC II or III
    Solaris 8 - Intel
    HP-UX – 11i - PA-RISC
    FreeBSD - 4.6 - Intel
    AIX 4.3 - PowerPC AIX & System V

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